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Custom Home Repair & Service
Home Watch

Home Watch ~ $75/visit
While you are away, the home will be walked and inspected at the requested intervals for interior plumbing leaks, water damage and flush toilets.
The exterior will be inspected for wind damage, signs of vandalism and irrigation leaks.

Air Filters ~ $100 + filters
A/C filters should be changed every month to maintain the system.

Smoke Alarm Batteries ~ $100
Replace all smoke alarm batteries, clean and test the units.
Should be changed at least annually.

Caulk Windows ~ $200
Remove dried caulking as needed at window frame/stucco seal, clean and apply new caulking on the ground floor.
Bonus/High windows are 75.00 extra.

Door Check ~ $150
Lube exterior door locks and hinges, check weather stripping.
Interior doors will have hinges lubed and adjusted as necessary.

Garage Door Lube ~ $100
Lubrication and adjustment as needed for the single garage door.
Lubricate the drive system and door tracks.
Additional doors are 45.00 extra.

Window & Sliding Glass Door Lube ~ $150
Lubrication and adjustment of locks for the windows and sliding glass doors in the home.
Inspect window water weep holes and clean as needed.